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Chapter I, Page 4

Chapter I, Page 4

Woah! What’s going on here?

Starting your story with some action is a rule of thumb, right? So, the intro scene that you just read is that. We’re in the present time of the story. Things got screwed up and, for the rest of the chapter, we’ll find out how we came to this.

But we never got to know this character! What happened to her? (Yeah, her.) Well, that’s something for a later chapter. Don’t worry; I’m not gonna let you with unanswered questions.

As for editorial comments, I’m in the process of changing all the comic pages to vertical format. So, if you read the next page and you find yourself shooting your arms up to the sky and yelling “WHAT IS THIS!?” please know that I’m working hard on these upcoming pages. There’s a bit of a style contrast too, which I’ll solve while trying to keep up with the release schedule of new pages.

With that said, onto the next part!

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