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Chapter I, Page 2

Chapter I, Page 2

Let’s start with some mystery, shall we?

Pages 1 to 3 are the ones that have changed the most since this webcomic started. I barely had a grasp of anatomy back then. Now I have a mild grasp, but hey, it’s something!

To give you a glimpse of how this has progressed, here are some images!


Remaster 1

Remaster 2

Additionally, I decided to go with a more late-80’s look. Brighter colors, more line-weight mindful inks, and simplified shadows. All for the sake of making the images better to digest. My thanks to everyone over at the comic_crits subreddit for their insightful and incredibly helpful feedback!

And, for everyone wondering, yes, I’ve been reading too much Watchmen. 😆

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