Chapter One Remaster in Progress

Ah, well, I’ve postponed this for too long, but finally, the time is here—the remaster of Chapter One has officially started! Man, it’s gonna be a LOT of work. But someone’s gotta do it, right? Summing up, the grand total is 35 pages, 8 to 10 panels each. It’s times like this when I wish I had stuck with the 6 to 8-panel per-page industry standard. Now, by remaster, I’m talking about the art. Some dialog needs polishing, but that goes into the backlog for the time being.

Why the remaster?

Well, mostly because I believe my readers (and my story) deserve the best of me, and I simply cannot have peace of mind until this comic evolve to its best form. I mean, the art of Chapter One is acceptable, yes, but it isn’t quite there yet.

Will this affect the update schedule?

The current schedule is one to two updates per week, and, while that’s a whole lotta work already, I’m planning to keep it up. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, but that bitch better stay off so I can get this done some day. 😛 Also, Chapter Two is about to end—I’m planning it to reach 28 pages, max.

As a side note, Chapter Two is about to end. Hopefully, it won’t go over the 28-page limit.

So, show me some art!

Alright, alright! Here’s a glance at Page 5:

Panel 2 – Before

Panel 2 – After

Panel 4 – Before

Panel 4 – After

Panel 5 – Before

Panel 5 – After


So, that’s pretty much it for now. If I have the time, I’ll add a progress bar somewhere on this site so you can see how much is done so far. Remember to follow me on Twitter or Facebook so you can stay up to date!


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